About mallio.se

~ sweet ~

I really enjoy to surf other peoples personal websites to see what they have created and what they are up to. Today, these are hard to find with regular search engines. The web they almost completely dominated anno-2000 has been taken over by websites created by companies for selling products.

Sometimes I dream of the old days. The animated backgrounds, the blinking texts and all the pages that were “under construction”. Maybe I’m overly nostalgic, but I miss the old web.

In October 2020 I started a project which required public updates and used this as an excuse to finally create my own site, a small contribution to the world wide web of humans.


If you should remember just one thing from here it is that this website has an RSS-feed and that you should subscribe to it since updates can be infrequent.

Never heard of it? No worries, you are not alone. RSS might be the most well-hidden jewel of the Internet. It’s a dead simple technology that allows you to get notified when a website is updated without having to visit the site itself. Almost any blog on the Internet can be followed in this way.

I super much urge you to set this up, as it takes only a few minutes and is greatly rewarding.


All HTML pages are generated by pandoc by combining Markdown files with new.css for style and responsiveness.
The pandoc commands are synthesized by rules in a Makefile. Typing make builds the site and make deploy makes it visible around the world.

The website does not use cookies and does not contain tracking code.