The Hacking Project: Happy and Satisfied

December 11, 2020

When I started working this morning I had a good feeling: I felt happy and satisfied with what I have accomplished with “The Hacking Project”.
I’m now certain that with the Information Index I have created something of value, at least to myself at the point where stand right now. It has fundamentally changed the way I’m thinking about what I’m doing, what I should do next and how to approach work.
When this project is over, my plan is to write something about it in detail on the website.

This week I have implemented an effective backup process for my devices with help from the Information Index. I’ve been performing backups of crucial data for a long time, but mostly in an ad-hoc fashion or by using a cloud-service, e.g. Dropbox.
What I have now is a lot better: It has full coverage, is robust, easy to overview and requires only a few manual steps to use.

The discovered issue I wrote about last week is still being investigated (by the responsible company) and have, as I understand it, been escalated since then. To be continued.