The Hacking Project: Focusing on Webhacking

October 16, 2020

The most important thing of this week is that I have decided on a direction: I will focus my efforts on hacking web related stuff.

This focus is important to maximize long term benefits. I believe our human ability to think in general terms is dependant on actual hands-on experience. To think around a subject requires experience with the subject.
Gaining experience is hard, but relating to it requires almost no effort at all. Therefore I will use the remainder of this project to push as deep as possible within this area to be able to relate to it at some later point.

Choosing webhacking as the focus felt a bit awkward at first since except for the basics, I don’t know much about the web at all. But the rationale is this:

…and as a bonus I’m likely to pick up some new knowledge in the web domain due to my previous lack of experience in the area.

I also want to write a few sentences about the public updates.
The previous update took a lot of time to write and it will not be feasible to go on like that, or I will not be doing any hacking at all.
To prevent writing from eating my time I’m focusing on keeping the updates to the point rather than explaining, as tempting as the latter latter may be. I also have a deadline when writing: I start Friday morning and I’m done before lunch.

I’m happy to announce that as I finish this post, I have more than an hour to go.

Thank you for reading.