The Hacking Project: Welcome back!

November 20, 2020

Inspired by the ISMS described in ISO27001, I have been working on a personal information index this week; essentially a spreadsheet that lists the information I own and where it is located.
The document also, similar to ISMS, list risks around the information and potential actions that should be taken to mitigate them.

As a step in this process I decided to spend some time on an old external harddrive I had stashed away in the basement. I had a memory that I had created a backup on the drive that for some reason could not be accessed.
Omitting the details, I spent roughly a day on the drive and the investment paid of big-time. I was able to recover some really old stuff that I had forgotten about until I was reunited with it.
Lots of old memories surfaced.

Having recovered the material, I temporarily paused the work on the information index to make sure that I will not “loose” the data again.