The Hacking Project: The Information Index

November 27, 2020

It starts to feel like the name “The Hacking Project” is a bit misleading as I havn’t been doing any hacking at all the last weeks.

Anyway, I’ve established the Information Index mentioned last week and it feels like one of the most alien things I have ever created.
It’s a huge spredsheet (27" monitor on 2560x1440 recommended) containing all information in my possession. It’s purpose is to make sure that it stays safe with me for the rest of my life. The following perspectives are handled:

The speadsheet contins risks together with associated controls to mitigate them. A column titled “done” specifies if the required controls have been implemented. This is what I expect to be working on the coming weeks.

Finally I feel satisifed with this shorter format of the updates. They are significantly easier to write now.
I’m also considering to continue to write weekly in one way or another after this is over.